Denver, Colorado

i have complained before about the applebees restroom at s. university, in centennial, co.

i used to like to take my 3 grandsons there. they like the food and so do i, but the boys bathroom has has some sort of a sewer bacfk up for months and months and months. we quite going as it was not being fixed. have not , been there is over 6 months, and finally tried to go again last night, thinking surely it corrected.

all 3 came out almost nauseaus and said it is worse than ever and could not even eat i stood by the door while they were in the restroom, and when they opened the door to come out i almost got sick. i cannot believe they are allowed to be open with this condition.

i am turning it over to the health department it is ridiculous that this has gone on for sooooo long.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Holy ***, you must be old as *** because your review is typed like a dog was banging its paws on a keyboard. Nobody will ever take you seriously if you can't even present yourself in a semi-decent manner.


Maybe they are elderly, what of it? If you can't read their complaint, it must be because you are incapable of reading basic English.

Please locate a responsible adult near you, that can read the postings and explain what everything means to you. And, don't try to tell me there are no responsible adults around because I feel sure the group home you reside in, for people with mental retardation, is staffed with capable adults!

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