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Yes I actually work with applebees and even agree that they're management there sucks. They don't act like managers they try to belittle they're employees they talk *** about an employee to another employee as if they are 16 years old I mean that's not being a manager and when the employee is listening to the manager and it's the employees time to talk the manager wants to say your not listening and gets in face.

But the thing is everybody listens the only person who isn't listening is the manager themselves and that's not right how is me talking bc if you ask me something isn't listening. And they don't care about your problems they don't care about the customers *** they don't care about how someone else is treating you. But once you stick up for yourself your in trouble but for what the management not doing anything with the other person for doing the same thing you did back. They are awful pieces of *** that like nothing better to do to not care or add fuel to the fire to try and get you mad or get in ur face and not care about customers nor employees or how they treat us.

The one on trolley is the main one I'm talking about. It's so bad there I won't even let my family come up there at all. I had my uncle up there one time and they messed up on his food I brought it back trying to explain to the manager what was wrong and she said she didn't care talk faster and get out my face and nobody was in her face and I told my uncle exactly what she said and he called corporate right then and there and spoke to the person who was head in charge with our applebees. That is just horrible about how bad a resturant can be.

I personally think applebees on trolley road should be shut down. That's the most disturbing most horrible rude place to be at and nobody should eat there bc you won't feel welcomed. U know what really guess on there and never get a job there I really suggest everybody go to school and make a career out of yourself bc you'll be sorry for working with them.

They don't even care about your family or if they are in hospital. If your not at work your fired broke leg your fired they just do not care.

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From your complaint, I gather that you seem to get into trouble quite often. You will find the same type of conditions most places.

However, being you don't like working at Applebees, why don't you quit and find a different job. There must be a reason that you stay there and put up with the HORRIBLE conditions that you described. You advised people to go to school and make a career out of them self. Do you by any chance make a career for them self?

I have news for you, Honey, people in the food industry can have good careers, even without a high school diploma or GED. I have a 23 year old grandaughter that doesn't have either one and has been working in a fast food place for two years. In two years she has worked her butt off and made assistant manager, and has been told within two years she will be a General Manager. In order to get his far in the same amount of time she has literally worked her butt off.

On the days she is on the closing shift it is between 1-2 AM when she gets home on and on the night that she closes when they do End of Month Inventory, it is closer to 5:00AM when she gets home. She is a single mother with a four year old son. She is also willing to switch shifts, be called in, etc. Granted managers don't get rich, but they do have a comfortable salary.

Quit whining and maybe you will advance too. Maybe you should follow your own advice and go to school because there were several errors in your complaint.

For one thing "they're" management isn't right, it should be "their." The way you spelled it is a contraction for "they are." Also you don't know that the names of people, places, and things should be capitalized. Your punctuation is horrible, and there isn't words spelled "bc, ur, u." The way you used the word "your" should be "you're" or "you are." These are just a few of your mistakes that I found in a hurry, see you aren't as smart as you think you are.

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