Wilmington, Delaware

Update by user Aug 05, 2014

I contacted the local newspaper and relayed the story to them and filed a report with the Delaware Food Protection Office (division of the Department of Health). Seeking legal counsel, as well.

Original review posted by user Aug 04, 2014

On July 25, 2014, I went to the Applebee's on Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, Delaware for a lunch date with my son. I ordered the Bourbon Steak.

When the meal arrived, I started eating the steak, but noticed "fur" stuck to a piece of the meat (I had already eaten about a quarter of the steak). When I lifted up the rest of the steak, there was what appeared to be part of a rodent carcass on the plate!! I took photos and immediately showed our server, who was thoroughly disgusted. The manager, Brad, came out and apologized and couldn't explain what the object was for certain, nor how it got onto my plate...

Our meal was comped, but I got very ill with gastrointestinal problems which was diagnosed as food poisoning. When I spoke to the Applebee's corporate guy, he offered me a $50 Applebee's Gift Card!!!

Are you kidding me???

That's the LAST place I'd ever eat again!! It still makes me nauseus to think of that furry carcass on my plate - and especially that I probably ate part of it!!!

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You're lucky they didn't charge extra for the side dish.


That happened to you because they are using ground beef and stick it with glue to give the appearance that it is really a sirloin steak. What a scam!!!! REally disgusting!


Okay, troll.... this incident happened in July of 2014...

no clue why you insist on keeping it going - it was settled out of court and it's done. I have nothing against Applebees, but will never eat there again after getting the results of the State food inspection report...

(which is open for anyone to obtain, following the Freedom of Privacy Act).

Now be like Elsa and LET IT GO already!!! I have!!!


I have to admit something or they will take me to court. The picture I posted here is a fake.

I edited the photo to make it look like I was served a meal with rodent carcass because I was fired from here and was hoping to get revenge by having the place shut down. I took a picture of one of their dinners from the internet, edited the rodent carcass in there to hope they get shut down.


Yes, I got food poisoning from ingesting a decomposed rodent. I didn't want this to happen to anyone else, and they wouldn't take me seriously until I contacted the Dept of Health and filed suit.

Which I won.

Unfortunately legal depts of big corporations like Apple America don't take you seriously until you show them that you're serious.


You're ***. Legal matters really?


That's 2 disgusting for words. I'm glad you took a photo & contacted legal council.


I also ordered the burbon steak and a few hours after I began vomiting and had terrible diahrea. Never going to Applebee's resturaunts ever again!


OMG, I have eaten there several times before with my friends, never again!!


Okay when did you get fired?


I'm the original poster... I've never worked in food service.

Never worked for Applebee's...

and I would have much rather enjoyed a nice lunch with my son than be going through this bs with Applebee's (who's customer service is horrible, btw), filing reports with the Dept of Health, etc...

I just wanted to warn other people about what could possibly happen to them...


I've never worked at Applebee's, nor have I ever worked in food service.


I worked at an Applebee's. I am not sure how it would have made it on the plate, but then again, Applebee's does not have chefs in the kitchen.

They have very poorly paid cooks. The one I worked at had a cook that had been fired from his last 3 kitchen jobs for reasons he refused to discuss.

First B

Maybe he is the one purposely putting dead rats in the food to make the company look bad then.

@First B

hmmm, you could be right!

First B

Look I am a zombie and I find that quite appertizing. It beats eating human brains once in a while.

But seriously how the heck did that get in their food, my guess is it went into the cooking put when no one was looking and got burned to death. Even then how do you miss it.

Wish I did not read this at lunch time.


I feel physically ill just looking at that picture.....


Sorry about all of this but this is the good thing about photoshop, you can edit pictures to make them look like a rodent was in my food. ha ha.


This was MY lunch... and it was NOT photoshopped...

taken on my phone after I discovered the disgusting furry bit on my plate! Trust me, I'd rather have enjoyed my lunch with my son than be going through this trauma. And Applebee's hasn't been the least bit concerned or helpful to me. Terrible customer service.

Oh, and my waitress, Danielle, and the Applebee's location manager, Brad, both witnessed the carcass on my plate and were both thoroughly disgusted.

So I have witnesses that it was on my plate... and an incident report...

and medical bills...


Don't worry about the troll, they are deliberately being ignorant. No one believes that it was photoshopped. Applebee's can hardly keep ignoring your evidence, especially when they realize you aren't going to let the matter go quietly away.

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