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I went to Applebee's on April 23rd with my mother and aunt who came to visit from out of town. The service that we received was terrible, the waitress had a very bad attitude.

The soda was flat so we asked if she could take it back and bring some more, which was flat as well. We waited for her to come back, but it seemed like she wasn't going to. So when another waiter walked past we asked him if he could bring us some hot tea and a manager. When the manager came out we explained what was going on, while we were talking to the manager our server came out with the hot tea.

She sat it down in front of us and walked away, I went to move the kettle out of the way to get my cup and the hot water spilled out on my left leg due to the kettle being over filled. I yelled and rushed to the bathroom to check my leg, it was red and very painful. When I came back to our seat the manager was very apologetic, and stated that those medal kettles where very dangerous and she doesn't know why they use them. The water was 260 degrees according to the manager.

I had to take my pants off just to get in the car to go to the emergency room. The pain was so bad my pants couldn't touch my skin. I received treatment and medication at the emergency room. When the risk management from Applebee's contacted me he asked for my medical records from the ER.

The further contact that I've had with him and his boss has been very rude and disrespectful. I've asked to speak to someone higher up then them and he refuses to get the name of his supervisor. Thank God I had leggings on and Thank God it wasn't a child who the water spilled on. But something has to be done, when a company treats its customer like this, not to mention called me a liar and said I spilled the hot water on purpose.

Please help me get this story out so the world can know what kind of company Applebee's really is. I will never step foot into another Applebee's and I'll make sure to let all my family and friends know not to take their money there either!

Review about: Applebees Customer Care.

Reason of review: As I stated in my review I've been disrespected and offended, I've been called a liar among other issues! .

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You are part way to your goal of having the world know about this. At least six people will read it.


You left out an important and obvious detail: did you incur a first, second or third degree burn?


"water was 260 degrees"

cant be....water boils @ 212degr

why kettl so full is nystery as most ppl prob never use all the water anyway

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