Bessemer, Alabama
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My husband and I were traveling to New Orleans from Indianapolis. We have eaten at Applebee's for years and have always had good food and good service.

I will say the food in Bessamer was very good. The problem was my drink. I have had the American Mule at Applebee's in Indy and it was delicious. The one in Bessamer was undrinkable.

It was supposed to have vodka, soda water, lime and ginger. Basically, it had vodka, lime and flat soda water. No ginger. I called the waitress over to tell her about the drink.

I was not angry in any way..just wanted to explain that it had not been made correctly. She immediately told me it was your policy to not exchange a drink or to offer a refund for a drink. She then said she would get the manager to explain this to me. Still, no anger at all.

The GM, a woman named Jennifer, came out and told me she would not exchange my drink or give me a refund. She said the drink had been made correctly and according to your recipe. Evidently, she had a bartender who had never made a mistake. Pretty amazing.

She said if something was wrong with it, she could bring additions for it. I told her it had no ginger and that I could taste no soda water. There was no fizz in the drink. She went over to the bar and brought me some ginger syrup, which I added.

It definitely helped the drink. She brought me some soda water in a glass which was flat. It tasted awful. But, she was done with me.

It just seemed horribly unprofessional. I truly never wanted any money back. I just wanted another drink, made properly. That does not seem unreasonable on my part.

I guess I do want to know if this is indeed an Applebee's policy..never to exchange or refund a drink? In the end, I accepted her offer, drank a drink with flat soda..not good..paid my bill and left a tip. But, did I go away happy? Certainly not.

And, I feel no manager should ever treat a customer that way. Our son was a GM for Applebee's for over 10 years and he said he would never have handled that situation that way.

What I hope for is that Jennifer gets a reprimand for treating me that way. She needs to know it ruined my evening at Applebee's and the first night of my vacation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: I would like to know if that is indee your drink never exchange a drink or refund a drink....and I would like the GM at the Bessamer AL store (Jennifer) reprimanded. .

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That is not Applebee's policy. She either did not want to take the loss of the drink or you had drank so much of it, she felt she you were trying to get another drink for free.

Believe you me, restaurant customers will pull anything to try to get free food/drinks and the restaurant takes the hit.

But it does sound like you were reasonable. Most of these Applebee's are franchises, so find out who owns the franchise and contact them directly.


Get a grip. You got a drink you didn't like.

Don't make a federal case out of it.

You want somebody reprimanded? Karma will get your sorry self reprimanded someday.


If that is true anonymous, you better watch your fat@ss good, because karma is coming for you!

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