Clarksville, Indiana

I thought the waitress was very friendly and respectful towards me (male) and acknowledged my presence (which I find most waitresses dont do if I'm with a female) UNTIL the check came,she set it in front of me and there you are sir. Me and my lady friend take turns paying the check and it was her turn.

As soon as the waitress realized she was paying, I didn't get that respect and acknowledgment anymore as if she was judging me. She better be glad it wasnt my turn to pay or her tip would have been a shiny nickle,just to make it obvious.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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You paid. You were done. What did you want her to do, kiss your *** all the way to your car?

First B

Well most of the time the male pays, that is how it works, she was not rude an any way. The mature thing to do here would be to just have your friend pay the check.

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