Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I was terminated by Applebees Utah Franchiser William Tell Incorporated after 3 weeks of training in their Riverdale Utah location. Not having any previous experience with Applebees but with over 20+ years in the restaurant business I was placed in an accelerated program of 6 weeks.

During the 3 weeks of employment I was shuffled from duty to duty on a erratic daily schedule that included a few hours here, few hours there, explained very little, dealt with different training managers who differed on their duties and methods erratically, subject to training by some wonderful Mexican prep and line cooks who spoke little or no English. I left a job with insurance and benefits on the promise of a good job upon completion of my training.

Now nothing. Applebees Sucks and I'm pissed Off!

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My sister had something similar happen to her, though I can't honestly remember if it was Applebees or another restaurant. She has quite a bit of experience in the industry and, after nearly a month of being bounced from position to position with no clear training on restaurant policies, procedures, etc., she was let go for not catching on quick enough even though she was already helping to train others who had been hired after her.

I'm sorry this happened to you but, unfortunately, in this economy there isn't much that can be done for it.

There are simply too many people after the same job and, if a manager doesn't like someone, they will find a reason to fire them because they know there is someone else waiting to take their place. Good luck in finding another, better job!

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