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I called Applebee's to order curbside at 9:25 pm. The uninterested woman who picked up the phone and rushed me to order told me my food would be ready in ten minutes.

I arrived in about 15 minutes and stood for 5 before someone even acknowledged me yet alone greeted me. Needless to say, I did not leave until 9:50pm. 25 minutes. I get in the car to eat my appetizer, spinach dip..

It looks as if it had been sitting out as the top later is thick, as there is no steam. Starving, I continued to eat, my mistake. I get home to enjoy my 7 oz sirloin steak and it is dry, burned, tough, luke warm. There was no way I was eating that, one because I have braces and it was so hard it could have possibly bent a wire, two because it looked as if it had already been sent back.

The broccoli was just as bad. Dry with burn marks on the stems .. 8 pieces, I just counted. It was as if someone had returned the food to the kitchen and they dumped it into my carry out box.

Ridiculous. I called the manager to explain and he rudely refuses me a refund as if it were MY fault his INCOMPETENT and LAZY employees couldn't cook. Stacy Croton is his name, unfortunately he is the manager of the Catonsville location. This is NOT the first experience I've had with them like this.

They date back to last summer at LEAST.

Silly me for thinking they may have just gotten their act together. Another mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Steak.

Monetary Loss: $22.

  • stacy croston
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speak your mind. these peoples eyes are covered by coins and dollar signs.

if upper mgmt knew how petty they lost a customer by being tough *** they would fire them.

thats not policy to ignore legitimate complaints. only thing that cant be done is to make you not pay but usually a discount can be given off a dessert or the item you didnt enjoy.

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