Rochester, New York
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Already reported to “corporate” to go to applebees...they are always expensive and at the time..but it was safe..years ago. NOW...we go and get to the HEAD waitress...or SEATER...they tell us ten minutes or so. I went to the men’’s room and came back to see my wife still waiting, as others were also. I asked again and she said another ten minutes (What’s this? The Russian Steak house at $100.00 a plate? Ha) anyways.. she tells me they are waiting for a table. i said...look there are 2 there and One there. Hmmm...U still have to wait..I asked why...she said The kitchens backed up...I SAID WHAT? The kitchen is backed up?,... we have to stand here at the entrance till its NOT BACKED UP? What’s a matter with seating us pout of the cold and we could wait at a table? Well...see ya’s...goin to the diner...better food, cheaper (was 1/3 of the price...Steak, great, rice, soup, Fried Chicken, mashed, 2 sodas, NICE waitress…$23.94..applebees is always $75 and up) and NO SLOPPY TALK. BYEEEE. And there it is…sh.. onna stick... The once GOOD Applebee’s turned into a Pumpkin. A rotten pumpkin. we took the $50.00 Applebee’s cards and gave it to someone we hate, ahahhaa.

Applebees…go jump inda “we suck pool”

Applebees, E. ridge rd…Rochester NY, 6 pm, Sunday March 2nd, 3013…u find the idiots now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Soup.

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Maybe you would have received better service if your grammar was better.

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