Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My sister and I stopped at Applebee's on Aramingo Ave in Philadelphia to celebrate her bday that was a day earlier.

The waitress sat us down and asked for our drink sister ordered a glass of wine and a corona ...the waitress said she is only allowed to bring each customer one drink at a time, we said that's sister added " please bring me the wine first but don't take too long in bringing me my beer". I ordered the Mojito. The waitress brings our drink order the wine for my sister and the Mojito for me. and takes our food order...we also placed an order to go. A short time later the waitress brings over the corona beer for my sister. I had a taste of my Mojito, I didn't like it...too sweet for my taste. The waitress comes back to our table and asked me how is my drink ? I said I don't like it, a bit sweet for my taste . She offers to take it back and bring me something else. I said no thank you ill just keep it. ( it taste more like a soda spritzer)

The waitress leaves ...meanwhile my sister asked to taste my drink , so I let her, she liked it . My sister said she would drink the Mojito if I didn't like. I agreed, I then decided to order a glass of wine for myself. Here is the start of the drama.

The waitress brings over our appetizer and I say to her I would like to order a glass of wine she said fine ...soon after the manager comes over to our table ..

He doesn't introduce himself ...his first sentence to me is " Oh no, "THAT" is not happening here! Pointing to the drinks on our table. I say to him what is "THAT" that we are doing ? He repeats the one drink rule ...and said my sister had three drinks in front of her. I explained to him how she ended up with my drink in addition to her two. I explained she is not driving and that we had not been previously drinking.

The glass of wine is for me. Well, he refused to bring me my glass of wine unless there were less drinks on the table. I say to him its common for some people to order a beer and a shot, he said oh no, he would not allow that to happen here ...meaning at that Applebee's. He continue to say these are Applebees rules...I say ...Applebees should have these rules posted so consumers can make a conscious choice if they want to be patrons here. He also said if we did not agree with him he would clear the table . The term clear the table meant he would call the police and have us ejected. Why he would threaten to do such a thing I do not know...all we did was order drinks and food. He walks away. The waitress returns and brings us our food. By the way the food was terrible! The appetizer barely enough to share with 2 people and the food was the same, the mash potatoes barely a spoonful and the vegetable medley same, the steak portion was fine but it was over cooked.

My sister felt bad that I did not get my glass of wine with my meal.She drank the Mojito fairly fast so the waitress could clear off one of the glasses so I would be able to get my glass of wine. I told her not to worry about me drink it slowly I will be fine.

Even after my sister drank the Mojito and there were only two drinks left ...the waitress said the manager still would not allow her to bring me my glass of wine.

Keep in mind , I have not had not one alcoholic drink during my stay...I only drank water. The waitress returns with our to go order and the bill. Again the manager stops at our table and said to me " are "WE" ok? I said noooo...we are not ok.

He continues to say ...well, I thought you understood the rule. I said I understand the rule but that doesn't mean I accept the rule or agree with it.

I came to Applebee's to spend some time with my sister and enjoy a meal with her...instead my experience here has been ruined. At that point he asked if I wanted my wine then. I said NO! I have eaten my meal, my order to go is bagged and ready to go and I have my bill! The only thing I wanted to do was leave ...I don't want to stay any longer that I have to ...I just want to go.

I told him he ruined my experience Applebee's was awful!

He said ok walked away. No apology....nothing!

While I was there I took pictures of people sitting at tables with more than one drink in front of them.

Either they had consumed a drink and were drinking a second drink anyway, it didn't seem it was an issue for those patrons to have more than one glass in front of them. I would understand if he refused my sister a drink ....she had 3 in front of her. But to refuse to serve me and to be treated as though I did something wrong....

The manager defensive attitude was unwarranted ...I did not do anything wrong.

I will never return to an Applebee's .....and I will share my Applebees experience with as many people as I can. If I can influence their decision to go somewhere else ..I will.

I complained to corporate they offered me an apology letter with coupons to return to another Applebee's ...I said no thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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Go to a bar, then!


Wow sounds to me like he thought you were drunk based on your behavior and was making his own rules. You ruined your own experience by acting as if you are a child. You ruined your sister's birthday. You don't have to accept the rules, but you don't have to be a child about it. I am surprised he did not card you because he thought you were a teenager based on your behavior.

"While I was there I took pictures of people sitting at tables with more than one drink in front of them."

So you took pictures of people without permission. No wonder he made up his own rules. If you behave like this without drinking would hate to see how you behave sober.


Her sister was fine, it is obviously the OP that is an alcohol if she wanted to drink this badly. I bet based on he behavior the manager thought she was already loaded and intoxicated.


The manager could have been a little less rude, I agree, but it's an extremely enforced rule because Applebee's could lose their liquor license if they don't follow the alcohol limit rule. The server could lose her job also, and they are required to inform a manager if a certain amount of alcohol is ordered at a table.

Also, Applebee's DOES promote responsible drinking, they have it posted all over the restaurant and in their advertisements. Think about how your attitude came off as to the server when she was only doing her job, that's probably why things ended up the way they did, she involved the manager because she was ensuring she was doing her job the way it's supposed to be done.


You and especially your sister come across as having a "problem" with alcohol. The manager had nothing to apologize for.

They aren't suppose to serve more than 3 drinks to a single customer, and not even that much if they perceive that you are intoxicated. They could be responsible if you leave and have an accident. Sounds like you and sis were going liquor crazy.

You should have apologized to the manager. If you want to freely drink, get your own booze and stay home.


+1 Applebee's Manager!


If you want to be a LUSH then go to a bar!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin

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