While visiting Orlando we decided to have lunch at the Applebee's in Kissimee on 192. My 6 year old son ordered a grilled chicken sandwich off the kids menu and asked for cheese.

It came without the cheese. When i told the server, her reply was "it doesn't come with cheese." I said, he wanted cheese added to it. She said ok and walked away to another table and started chit chatting with them about nothing. I got her attention and told her my son will not eat this without cheese, she said, "what do u want me to do...bring u some grated cheese?" i said, no I want you to bring it to the kitchen n have them put cheese on it.

She took the sandwich back n brought it back to us n said "careful, it's hot" as she placed it down on my son's hand, burning him.

I complained to the manager n he took the $4.00 sandwich off my bill, which was the least of my concern, i was mad about my son being burnt...

the server returned with $7.00 change, which should have been $7.85. I told her she shorted me 85 cents. She replied, "o yeah, I forgot to tell you, I am all out of change. Do you have 15 cents and I will give you a dollar?" I said no I do not have 15 cents. She said,(with an attitude) "shoot, I have your 85 cents" and she threw a dollar down on the table.

Needless to say, I was very upset at this. I sent an email to corporate about my visit. They were very apologetic and sent me $25 in coupons to return to Applebees. I don't think I will be using them.

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The server violated Florida Battery laws on a child. Why did you not file battery charges and assault charges.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195586

Actually my ex wanted the coupons. She is just putting that part about not wanting using them to be mean.

She threatened to sue them if they did not give her coupons. My 12 year old wants nothing to do with his mother ever since she called him a thug and delinquent. The courts are forcing him to see his mother despite the fact that she is verbally abusive. She thinks verbal abuse is not as terrible as physical abuse but my sons ask me everyday "why does mommy hate us." They think they are bad because that is what their mother tells them.

She told my 12 year old (when he was 11 that he would end up in jail because he got a C on a test. She told him he would never amount to anything and called him names which made him stop trying.

I had to have my children seek counselling because of this. She does not care about Patrick nor does she care about Norman.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195584

My six year old son(the one in this letter) just told me that my ex wife(his own mother) told him to put his hand on the sandwich. She was hoping for a free meal.

The part about her being angry about our son being burnt is nothing. She asked him to touch the hot sandwich. She was hoping to get a free meal. She never touched a hot sandwich to his plate.

When I confroted my wife about this she started calling him names and told him he was a liar, later I found out she punished him by telling me about her telling him to touch the hot sandwich when he was warned it was hot. She told him to place his hand underneith knowing he would get burned. Also my son thinks everything is his fault because she was in a bad mood that day and told him she wished he were never born. My son is seven now.

His mother only gets custody of him on weekend, if she feels like spending time with her son. If she really cared about Patrick she would not have made an issue over 85 cents. Also she apparently swore at the waitress. When I asked my wife not to swear in front of our son she threatened to make lies about me abusing him so I can never see him again.

Probably the reason the waitress threw the money at her was because she was rude. This is why I left her.


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