Reston, Virginia

after having dined at applebees for the required number of times ,our frequent diner cards were filld up. when we went to redeme them ,we were told we couldnt use them together,we dined together to fill the cards .but we have to sit at seperate tables to redem them.this was at the resturant in forked river new jersey.

we have dined ther many times.if we dine together to meet the cardc requirments then we should be able to dine together to redem them.this is not the first time we had trouble here .never at a problem at any other applebees.

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To be honest, most restaurants don't allow more than one discount per check. I say, if you eat there enough to fill up the cards why not use one one night and one the next time you go? I'm pretty sure on the bottom of the card it would have said something like "cannot be combined with any other offer."


Yeah, this is a usual thing at ANY food service establishment, you know they like to make money for some reason...huh wonder why that is...


My concern here is with primary education in America! Are you five years old or do you really write like this?


I doubt there is a complaint against Applebees which will surprise anyone. This entire chain is going to ***.

Best advice; don't go there again. I complained about a poor expierience there back in June and spoke with their and the store manager. Absolutly nothing was done.

Screw Applesbees. If you want a decent meal with good service which is priced decently for what you get, go to Olive Garden.

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