I visited your store on Tuesday Sept 23rd in Stow Ohio. Our party of three ordered and the order included salads.

Our salads were delivered and less than a minute latter our dinners arrived. We were disappointed and sent the dinners back to keep them warm. The waitress said she was sorry but there was"nothing she could do about it" As a manager of a restaurant in Delaware I know that there is EVERYTHING she could have done to avoid this from happening.

It is no big deal but I thought you should know what is being communicated by your servers. Thanks for listening

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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The OP has a valid complaint. Being in the restaurant business, it's COMMON SENSE to wait 15-20 miutes to bring out the main course after the appetizer is served. If you two are this nasty online, I can't imagine how you are in the real world.


No one is being nasty to this child. Not all restaurant serve the meal 15-20 minutes after the salad, get your facts straight. Disagreeing with someone is not being nasty.


Oh shut your gob! You ARE the OP! Stop agreeing with yourself and eat your d@mn food, salad and all.


You are a horse's manure pile. You order salads and dinners, the orders are placed in the computer, salads are bought out and booo hooo waaahhh mommy mommy waahhh your dinners came out shortly after the salads.

What sensible person sends their entrees back to sit under lamps? Why can't you eat your salad with dinner? Did Mother Goose fail? Did your kindergarten teacher fail to teach you that salad must never be eaten with another food?

WTF? You d@mn right it is no big deal, yet you were compelled to write a stup*d complaint about it! Get outta here! Twit!

P*ss off!

People like you really make me angry! SHAME ON YOU!


Quit acting like a child, this is no big deal, if you are a slow eater and don't eat like the rest of us you should have asked mommy to ask the waiter to give you your food later instead of having her to expect her to read your mind.

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