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4 1/2 weeks ago i got a to go order, i added a large coke when i picked up my order, got back to work, noticed my drink was hard to drink through the straw but thought it was because the straw was throughout my meal i finished my coke, afterwards i went to pour my ice into another cup and was disgusted to find a LARGE baggie stuffed in the bottom of my cup.. bag also full of ice and coke remnants..

i gagged pulling this huge long bag out of the cup i just spent 30 minutes drinking out of! I called the store, was told by the manager they were sorry and could they offer me a free appitizer. A free appitizer? Really?

No. So i called corp, who took my info and said theyd have the franchise owner call me withing 3 days. No call. I called corp again?

Was told theyd put in another request, would for sure hear from someone within the week . Still no call. I called corp yet again, was told all they could do was that franchise owner a message tho they did apologize. The store was in richland hills tx at roof snow and 820.

Unbelievable that that thing would end up in my drink, who knows WHAT kind of germs were on it, but the fact that that franchise owner, who was repeatedly asked by corporate to call me, about an actual foreign object, found in my drink, with an entire office of witnesses, couldnt even be bother to call or respond disgust me. I now give that applebees a huge thumb down, and plan to persue it in civil court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Drink.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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