Barrie, Ontario
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This last Saturday my husband and I had a bad service from our waitress. Her name is Tanya G at 326 Bayfield street Barrie, ON (as appears on the bill).

She was unfriendly, rude and make our evening really unpleasant. I am particularly writting out of concern for the nice neighbour and the population of elderly around the area, she was abusive to customers and I don not think she was appreciated.

She said out loud to the other table, how rude she could be to customers sometimes and that was ok. We were about to leave but we thought she might be having a bad day and that all but during the whole service she kept worst.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Applebees Cons: Poor customer service, Server.

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I think this is a fake complaint written by a troll... whoever you are, you apparently have a personal issue with this Tanya....did she turn you down for a date?

Did she steal your man? Is she prettier than you?

Whatever the reason, you are obviously butthurt. My suggestion: GROW UP, GET A LIFE and take some English 101 courses!


I thought Canada was an English speaking country? Guess I was wrong, but nice try though.



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