Boston, Virginia

Twice the past week we decided to have evening dinner at Applebee's in Marshall,Tx, the seater i guess tried to seat us at the bar. Both seaters were black males.

I made it very clear that is not the right thing to do. The last time this happened was today Friday March 1st about 3:30 pm A white lady tried to seat us at the bar. I ask for a table she pointed to a small table and 4 wooden hard tail chairs.

I said no the place is almost empty and I will get my own seating which I did a plush booth as some other broogs had already filled their spots so we sat in the booth between them. Before I sat down I ask the lady if Applebee managers suggested for them to try to seat first in the bar.

So I've gone over the recommended word count.


Monetary Loss: $45.

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Why can't you just ask for another seat if you did not like where you were seated the first two times.


You are pathetic Anonymous. If that's your real name


That's the most *** complaint I ever heard. Get a life

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