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Good morning my name is Emmanuel last night I went to your restaurant in Doral Miami Florida. I was on my date night with my fiance.

First off I would like to say that I enjoy going to Applebee's. But after last night and based on several occasions I don't believe I will be going to this restaurant anymore. Firstly we decided to order the 2 for 25, two young waitress brought out the spinach and artichoke dip which was amazing but it was lagging and cheese, I asked the waitress if she can please bring extra cheese to put into the spinach dip. As she was going by one of the tables she started speaking to one of the regulars for about 7 minutes.

I looked at her several times to see if she would remember to bring out the cheese. Needless to say she never did bring all the cheese. Secondly I ordered the 8oz sirloin and my fiance order the bourbon chicken, I was in shock that she brought out my steak 5 minutes before she brought out my fiance's bourbon chicken. I have never experience something like this.

This is not based on a one time incident. After we had our food ,mind you my steak was super cold, I asked the waitress to please bring me the check and I explained to her once I was done paying for the check to please call the manager. The manager's name was Joe. As the manager approach my table he did not introduce himself whatsoever he came straight up to me and asked me what's the problem, I explain to him what had happened and he explain to me that's exactly what the waitress said to him and that it would be taken care of.

He did deduct $5 for my check, which I feel wasn't much of a compensation at all I ended up giving the same money he deducted from me to the wages despite of her poor or service. Coming from an experience waiter of 5 years I must say that I was very disappointed. Once again this is not coming from a one-time deal it's been several times I come to this restaurant and I'm treated poorly, I felt the need to write you and let you know how they're running this restaurant. The waitress came on and told me the manager told her to send my dish out first before it got cold, explain to the waitress that I was a server for several years and that it is not kosher to bring one customers food and not the others, that's when I asked her don't you have heat lamps?

Waitress answered yes we do. So that's when I continue to ask her what happened and she told me that manager was the one that told her to go ahead and send the dish out.

I hope that you guys could take care of this cuz I think I might not be going to this restaurant again. Thank you for taking my comments into consideration

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

Applebees Pros: Atmosphere, Leaving the premises.

Applebees Cons: Cold food, Wait staff, Joe was a poor manager did not introduce himself at all.

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