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Saturday we visited the Hialeah,Fl restaurant. First we decided to seat outside on the covered patio, it rained and when I asked for napkins to dry the shares, a manager said I will have them dry for you...never happened. Secondly, after about 7 minutes a waitress came out to say, she was going to take our order, and bring the silverware....4 minutes later she took order, no silverware.

After a total of 49 minutes,and no one coming out to say a word, a manager came out and said that he was sorry and the orders were being put trough because the system had gone down !!! Almost an hour...what there is no more paper tickets? Embarrassing that at this restaurant, when things go wrong (and I know sometimes they will) they should face the the costumers and try to ease their frustrations instead of hiding and when forced to face us, at least have the decency of not obviously lie to our face.

I wanted to be out of the house, but not spend a total of 1 hour and 43 minutes.....and then say sorry..nothing we could have done !!!!!

I am pretty disappointed because, as a member and trustee of The Hialeah Chamber of Commerce we helped with the grand opening of this restaurant, I am a full supporter of local business and it is a sad day when I come to the conclusion that I will NOT patron this establishment again, and when asked why not my FB posting of having dinner at Applebee's,well I will share my experience and the indifference with which I was treated.

I hope that in no way this reflects on the cooks, for casual dining, the food was well cooked.

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I guess being a "member and trustee of The Hialeah Chamber of Commerce" doesn't require a strong command of the English language.


What are 'shares'????

And no, there are no paper tickets.

Orders are inputted into a computer terminal, which then is received by the kitchen on a large overhead monitor. If you are looking for an establishment that still uses the paper ticket method, try a 1950's diner or a small, mom n' pop place.

Sounds to me like they just forgot about you.

An apology and offer of a free dessert would have been nice, however, in the grand scheme of things, if you were having a nice time with your companion, why fret over an hour wait? Sh*t happens, if that is the worst thing that happened to you all week, month year, consider it a blessing.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #858512

What are 'shares'????

chairs or as Eric Cartman spells it chares.


First of all you decided to sit out on the patio, not seat on it. Then you wanted to napkins to dry the shares. What type of shares were wet, or did you mean chairs?

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