Our waitress was terrible. She would take a drink tot go get a trefoil, and not bring the refill back to the table.

We had to ask the manager to bring us the drink. It was also my little brother's birthday. We told her this. All she did was say happy birthday to him, but didn't tell the other workers to sing the song.

My brother was so devastated.

She didn't take away any of the finished plates so we had a crowded table. And finally she almost never stopped by at the table and took forever to bring us the bill so we could leave.

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Provo, Utah, United States #714669

Restaurant workers hate the whole having to sing happy birthday thing, it pulls them from their own tables and giving their own customers their full attention. It also breaks the rhythm they have going in their work. And, as illustrated by the previous comment, other diners find it annoying.

Athol, Massachusetts, United States #663069

When I go out to eat and have to hear a group of servers singing a *** birthday song, I get pissed. Enjoy the compliment of them acknowledging the birthday and move on.

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