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Just got home from a horrible Applebee's dinner with my family.

I ordered the 8oz sirloin Medium Rare. We all get our food my steak looks off.

Like really off. I cut into it. It is extremely rare.. like purple rare.

I let the waitress k ow it was cooked wrong. She took it back and let me know they were making me another steak. Meanwhile the entire family is enjoying their meals (not steak). Finally it comes back.

I cut into it before the waitress leaves. Purple rare again. I am hungry and irritated. The waitress brings the steak back, I tell her I just want my veggies don't even bother with the steak.

She brings the "manager" over. The manager asks me what color I expect from a Medium Rare? To which I reply "Not Purple" she explains she looked at the steak and it looks medium rare to her. She is going to tell the cook to fire it to medium.

I arcue with her indicating I am 40 years old, I have ordered plenty of medium rare steals iny life and that is NOT it. I don't want it purple! I tell the manager I just want my veggies because of they put that steak back on it is going to end up over cooked. Soait for my veggies, and they being me the *** steak back, this time well done.

Either the cooks don't know how to cook or this meat is not quality meat!! I will never eat there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Steak.

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I worked at Applebee's. Things I would never order: Steak, ribs and riblets.