Burton, Michigan
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family and went to apple bees in burton mi tonight hoping to get in and out quickly as they were not to busy. out shopping for Christmas and having a good time.

we stopped by applebees for a quick *** to eat as the children were hunger and it was getting close to bed time. place our order and it took nearly an hour for the food to show up. after an hour of waiting on our meal we put our coats on to leave and asked for our bill for the two lemonades that we drank since our food had not yet arrived at our table. the waitress said oh wait your food is ready.

by now it is 8pm, ready to take the kids home and go to bed. they put the food in boxes and sent us on our way. by the time we got home the food was cold and we threw it out and settled for campbells soup for dinner.

should have just went home and had soup and not bothered trying to have dinner out with the family. they were not too busy to take care of our order in a timely manner.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Why not use the mircowave to heat the food. There are people starving all over the world and you throw out food which you could have easily microwaved.

You should be ashamed of yourself, and you set a poor example for your children. I don't think you threw the food out at all. You are just trying to get a free meal because you are a single parent without a job.

Not only that you don't know who the father of your children are. Seriously stop spreading your legs if you cannot afford to feed your children and have to result to low tactics such a this.


I agree with the first two replies. There are just too many holes in this story.


Stopped trying Applebees. Always a problem.

There was only 2 other parties in restaurant in San Antonio. It took 45 min to get food and it was cold, one order was wrong. manager said she was going to make it right and made fresh.

They MICROWAVED the same food as evidenced by a *** taken out of the entree before plate was sent back. And they still took a long time to send the nuked food!


Now let's get this straight. The food took NEARLY an hour to arrive, but AFTER an hour you got up to leave because the food hadn't arrived.

Are we not telling the entire truth here?

After you took your food home, why didn't you just heat it up? You had to heat the soup didn't you?


Seriously doubt you actually threw out food just to opt for canned soup. If it is true and you throw away the entire family meal just because it got cold then you are a bigger *** than the people at Applebees.

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