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I went to Applebee's for the last time a few years ago. On my way home from my wedding; My husband was surprising me with the honeymoon.

We stopped by our local Applebees for a quick *** before going home. 1st off talk about crappy service. The waitress was incredibly rude, The cooks apparently don't know how to cook the food, while a peace of meat may be black to mean it's done, doesn't mean that I want to eat it that way. I could even get eat any of it and after 20mins of waiting to get our waitress attention (with her 2 other tables).

My Husband drops the bomb on me that he didn't plan a honeymoon. I went outside to break down. He came out after me leaving everything at the table; Purse jackets, a bracelet and a few cards from the wedding. Both the manager and the waitress both walk out their and start harassing us about our bill for food we had even touched.

I went in to get me things pay an leave the waitress stood in my way. I pushed passed her to get my things. After that no one working there would talk to us take our money anything. The manger called the cops on us.

I spent my wedding night in jail. My husband was made to pay the bill as he was not arrested. Just me I was sitting there crying and hyperventilating by the time the police arrived. I have asked for a refund and apology.

The franchise refuses to deal with me and the corporate "can't do anything".

Review about: Applebees Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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