First waited 10 min to have our drink order taken, while waitresses played grab *** over some guy at the bar. Waittress was very inexperenced, asked for manager she comes over with her hands on her hips. I questioned the waitress experence and manager agreed she,s new and very little experence. I asked if thats normal and managers comment was yes "she needs to make experence" sure dont show much for Applebees training.

I go out to eat weekly but its the last time for Applebees on Cortez in Bradenton Florida.

After receiving out 2 for 20 dinner witch to main entries were fried shrimp and other oerental salad. For the shrimp diner i got a very nice salad but i questioned why do i get a salad when i ordered a salad.

Manage could not give me a answer. Evcept thats how it is!

Review about: Applebees Salad.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #829393

I think the other poster went too far in how they addressed you, but they have a point, if she is new it will take her time to learn how to do her job properly. You would not want to be bullied on your first day of the job would you. I would not stop going to a place based on one bad experience, if you do that eventually you will run out of places to shop and eat because everywhere you will get one off day.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #829392

You are not perfect either, for example it is spelled waitress not waittress. I am sure that when you are old enough to work you won't be perfect either on your first day on the job.

And obviously mommy and daddy need to bring some toys along with some coloring books if you think ten minutes to take a drink order is too long, that is normal wait time and if you are impatient mommy and daddy need to entertain you. Even with training it takes a while to learn things, for example your spelling is not that perfect but once you turn older like say nine your spelling will improve with training and experience. BTW it is experience not experence. I should be in upper case when used as a pronoun, with proper training and experience you will learn this, obviously from your attitude and lack of being patient you are six years old.

The salad come with the meal, you should have had asked mommy or daddy to read the menu for you before making the order. That is how it is, yet if you did not get the salad that your parents paid for you would be complaining about that since you should get what they paid for. More of your mistakes Oriental not Orental, which not witch. Don't not dont.

For someone complaining about another person's lack of experience you sure don't have good experience when it comes to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Then again from your impatient attitude you are only six so who can blame you. You will learn with experience and training.

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