Oldsmar, Florida

Let me just say that I am a manager at a high volume restaurant I enjoy eating in at this location till tonight my service was absolutely horrible and the waitress could care less. Me and my 2 other guests sat down and ordered drinks I ordered drinks from the bar, 1 out of 3 drinks were brought to the table.

Over ten minutes later I ask where the strawberry lemonade is we ordered and canceled my drinks at the bar and ordered a Pepsi thinking it would be faster. After another ten minutes I have to get up and ask the waitress for our drinks and she said she was busy putting in our order. When the drinks came we already received our appitizers and the lemonade was wrong but she didn't come back to check. After ordering and getting our food she then brings out our side salads after the meal has already been served and tells me its been a rough night.

Now I would understand a little better if they were busy but there was two tables including us and then people at the bar. I didn't even eat my meal I've never been so pissed off.

Not only was she horrible she avoided the table knowing we were unhappy and I got up and looked around and no manager could be found. Later the manager came apologized and comped our meal which was unnecessary because we left it there and left the restaurant

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Servers cannot go behind the bar to prepare drinks, so they are at the mercy of the bartender. The bartender can be as slow as they want to and they don't care, it's not their customer.

The waitress told you it had been a rough night and your response was there was only 2 other tables.

Well, did you stop and consider what the volume in the restaurant may have been BEFORE you arrived?

I can understand your frustration and your wanting a manager, but to refuse to eat your food because you couldn't control your emotions? That is silly.


Wow you sound more like a six year old than someone who manages a restaurant. I hope someday you get a moody customer just like you at your restaurant.

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