Sitting at the bar having a beer and food at the airport in Richmond va. Nobody at my side of the bar and all seats on the other dude are full.

I asked for the Sunday afternoon football game and was told no because a college basketball game is on. Again nobody watching it. I'm leaving and not paying for my food and not having another beer and will never go to an Applebee's again. Terrible policy.

Don't know why I need to write 100 words so my complaint goes through. That's kinda ***.

Still nobody watching the basketball game and I am only person here. Bye.

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We found that they allow parents and children to be loud and disruptive and if you are unlucky enough to be sitting anywhere near these people you are out of luck.

We were seated near a family in one of those semicircular booths and the father and children were underneath the table, standing on their heads and generally being loud. I could see that the parents thought it was cute.

They were making so much noise that I could not hear my husband talking. No one would do anything to quiet these people and we left frazzled and paid for this disruption as well. We have since not gone back to any AppleBees restaurants.

We feel that everyone has the right to enjoy a meal and have some private time without screaming or disruption. We never allowed our children to act that way in public places and we feel the restaurant should have asked them to pipe down and be respectful of others trying to eat their meals.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #747176

lol what an awful way of getting out of paying for your bill. you probably forgot your wallet and felt so embarrassed about it that you made up this BS complaint to make yourself feel better.

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